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Study trip to the country of fjords
2016. október 07. 12:00
Study trip to the country of fjords Hungarian experts visited to Norway between 3rd and 6th October, as part of the project titled “Capacity building of the disaster management system at local level”. The professional study trip was aimed to get acquainted with the bodies, principles of operation, and specificities of the Norwegian disaster management system and of local and regional civil protection, as well as with the methods applied.
The Hungarian delegation was headed by dr. László Bérczi, Fire Fighter Brigadier General,National Inspector General for the Fire Service. Members of the delegation – pertaining to the staff of the National Directorate General for Disaster Management of the Ministry of the Interior – included Ágnes Vietórisz, Fire Fighter Colonel, Head of the Department for Personnel; Zoltán Fülep, Fire Fighter Colonel, Head of the  Department of Fire Service; and two colleagues from the Department of Fire Protection and Chimney Sweeping Industry Control, namely László Barta-Vámos, Fire Fighter Major, and Zoltán Szilcsanov, Fire Fighter Captain. On behalf of the Norwegian party, the delegation was accompanied by Eivind Hovden, Civil Protection Superintendent and Operation Commander from the staff of Hordland County Civil Protection District; and from the staff of the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (Direktoratet for samfunnssikkerhet og beredskap), by Lars Egil Sørsdal, chief advisor, Johan Christian Haugan, chief advisor, and Ina Mathisen Møller, advisor.

The Norwegian hosts laid particular emphasis on the impacts, management and prevention of sudden flash floods, but they also introduced the guests to the operation, control system, and role in disaster management of local and regional bodies coordinating the elimination of emergency situations.

On the first day of the study trip, the participants of the Norwegian-Hungarian expert exchange program visited to the Bergen center for civil protection in the Hordland county district. In this regional center, equipment for units fit for the management of a variety of disasters is kept on standby. The northern colleagues introduced their civil protection system and the resources of the regional center; the deputy head of the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning also joined the demonstration for a presentation by video conference.
On the second day, the delegation visited to the settlement of Voss, hit by a sudden flash flood in 2014. The mayor talked about the specificities of the town of fourteen thousand five hundred inhabitants; afterwards, the emergency management advisor of the settlement delivered a presentation on the situation two years before, including protection works, the experiences gathered, and measures taken since then to prevent the harmful effects of similar floods.
On the third day of the study trip, the delegation paid a visit to the township of Odda, also struck by the 2014 flood. Here, the technical manager and the police commander of the town presented to the delegation on the damage caused by the flood and the reinstatement works afterwards. They showed the local fire department and its vehicles as well. The Norwegian hosts also discussed solutions planned jointly with the National Water Management Agency to minimize the harmful effects of future floods. There is a concept, for example, whereby – if implemented - the excess water collected in the lake above the town would be drained off through a tunnel; thus, the water level of the lake can be regulated and energy can be generated as well by using it as a hydroelectric power plant.

On the fourth day of the trip, the  Norwegian-Hungarian delegation visited to the local government and the new fire department of the settlement of Eigersund near Stavanger. The town and its surroundings were struck by severe floods in December 2015. Detailed accounts thereof were rendered by the head of the information department of the local government. The presentation was complemented by the regional commander of civil protection, describing the measures taken in the course of flood protection. Afterwards, the delegation visited to the new garrison, where the Hungarian experts had the opportunity to get acquainted with the organizational and operational model of the Norwegian fire service at local level.

In addition to professional programs, the hosts also acquainted the Hungarian delegation with some of Norway’s natural beauties.Further information on the project is available here.
Photos: Eivind Hovden, Civil Protection Superintendent/ László Barta-Vámos, Fire Fighter Major and Zoltán Szilcsanov, Fire Fighter Captain – Ministry of the Interior, National Directorate General for Disaster Management

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Study trip to the country of fjords Study trip to the country of fjords Study trip to the country of fjords
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