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Norwegian-funded Professional Development Training Starting Today
2016. október 24. 11:52
Norwegian-funded Professional Development Training Starting Today During the last week of October, a joint project is launched with Norwegian funding, and also involving the development of the institutional background of disaster management and loss mitigation in Hungary. The project titled “Local capacity development of disaster management institutions” will last until 30 April 2017.
The primary objective of this international project, implemented by Norwegian funding, is to make, even more efficient, the work of those who intervene in disaster situations in Hungary, and those who take part in disaster management and loss mitigation. To this end, members of staff participate in high-standard development training courses, whereby the comprehensive preventive operations of the organization will also develop. Two special areas within the scope of the Deputy Directorate General for Supervision are involved in the realization of these objectives of the Norway project, namely the departments of dangerous operations and hazardous shipments; the professional development training course for specialists is starting today.
The first part of International project, related to dangerous goods, is an IATA 6 category training on the rules of the air transportation of dangerous goods, held at the Pécel facility of the Disaster Management Training Center between 24 and 28 October. Participants include eleven specialists of the National Directorate General for Disaster Management of the Ministry of Interior and one professor of the Training Center. In the framework of the program, starting todays and lasting as long as the end of March, a total of nine development training courses will be conducted on the transportation of dangerous goods.
Development training provided to the special area of dangerous operations is intended for specialists involved in the licensing and supervision of dangerous operations at county and agency level, to master detailed theoretical knowledge and practical skills in respect of the capabilities and use of the DNV PhastRisk consequence and risk analysis and decision making support software. Three-week development training courses for the staff to apply the software will be held in two turns, in the fourth quarter of 2016 and in the first quarter of 2017, respectively, with a total number of 70 specialists as participants. Theory and practice areas of the course include, among other things, the identification of dangerous operations, implementation of hazard analysis methods and procedures, completion of consequence and risk analyses, designation of danger zones, and practice in the full-scale application capabilities of the DNV PhastRisk software.
At the end of each development training course, participants are to report on the knowledge mastered and the required software use by way of a written and oral examination.