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Integrated Flood Management Workshop

Date: From 24th January 2011 to 26th January 2011
Place: Ministry of the Interior, Budapest

0MINUTES of the Hungarian EU Presidency Integrated Flood Management Workshop
Attached file(s):Integrated_Flood_Management_Workshop_minutes.pdf,
2"Though the galley rides upon the surging waters beneath, the water is the lord.” - Experience of flood prevention, flood protection and elimination of the consequences of floods in Hungary
Dr Zoltán Illés, State Secretary of Environment, Ministry of Rural Development
Attached file(s):ILLES_The_structure_of_the_flood_prevention_in_Hungary20110124.pdf,
3Presentation of the German flood management system and lessons learnt from civil protection perspective with special attention to the cooperation between the involved actors (civil protection/disaster management authority, water management authority, local governments)
Mr. Heiko Werner, Head of General Affairs Division, Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW), Germany
Attached file(s):THW 110126_Flood Management in Germany_THW_engl.pdf,
4Presentation of Flood Management in Sweden and the importance of a common EU and global response
Ms. Sanna Zandén Kjellén, strategic advisor, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), Sweden
Attached file(s):SWE_presentation_flood_WS_Budapest_2011.pdf,
5Presentation of preparedness and public awareness raising during flood management
Mr. Mihai-Gabriel Viziteu, specialist, National Operational Centre, General Inspectorate for Emergency Services (GIES), Romania
Attached file(s):ROMANIA Floods Management 2010.pdf,
6Presentation of the use of modern technologies during flood management (early warning systems, alerting, satellite technologies, spatial informatics etc.)
Mr Hubert Turski (National Headquarters of the State Fire Service), Mr Jakub Ryzenko (Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences) and Ms Marta Brzozowska (National Water Management Authority)
Attached file(s):POLAND_BRZOZOWSKA.pdf, POLAND_RYZENKO_20110124_Budapest_Integrated_flood_mgt_Flood_PL_2010_Ryzenko.pdf, POLAND_TURSKI_Budapeszt_24262011.pdf,
7Presentation of the Hungarian integrated flood management system and lessons learnt from civil protection perspective and with special attention to the cooperation between the involved actors
MG Imre Hoffmann, Dr., Deputy Director General, National Directorate General for Disaster Management
Attached file(s):HOFFMANN_Int_Flood_Mgt_in_Hun_Hoffmann.pdf,
8Cooperation opportunities of participating bodies in order to improve the efficiency of flood management
Mr. Pieter Glerum – the Netherlands
Attached file(s):HUPRES_IFM_WSH_Panel_I_Glerum.pdf,
9The application of modern technologies and science in order to achieve integrated flood management
Mr. Thomas de-Lannoy - European Commission
Attached file(s):
10Operational aspects of integrated flood management
Ms. Cristina Brailescu - European Commission
Attached file(s):Pannel_III_final.pdf,
11Human aspects of flood management
Ms. Danica Babič – Slovenia
Attached file(s):HUPRES_Workshop_Panel_4_DB.pdf,
12Conclusions - COL
Ferenc Tóth, dr.
Attached file(s):EUflood0126TOTHF.pdf,
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